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Any women with questions about her hormonal health may benefit from a restorative approach to diagnosis and management of her women’s health concerns.

Most of the women who seek an RRM approach at our clinic have experiences of one or some of the following conditions.

Why Choose Us

Are you looking for the root cause of your reproductive health problems?

Confused as to how hormonal contraception, which suppresses ovulation, is treating your women’s health diagnosis…or wondering whether it’s just masking symptoms?

Would an ideal approach to your reproductive health...

  • Investigate your symptoms thoroughly

  •  Make a clear diagnoses

  • Treat the issues you wanted to address effectively and in a way that cooperates with the way your body is meant to work


These are the kinds of questions women are asking when they find that a Restorative Reproductive Medicine approach suits their needs and preferences.


Some women are already diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome or endometriosis or other issues when they come to see us.


Others are experiencing problematic symptoms like pain or irregular cycles and would like diagnosis and solutions that suit their needs.

We aim to restore and optimize reproductive health and function with thorough investigation and diagnosis and comprehensive management of structural and hormonal abnormalities.


We provide an inter-professional approach to treating reproductive health issues, drawing on the wisdom of medicine, nursing, education, and nutrition science.

We are a compassionate and knowledgeable team of health care providers who will work with you and your body to identify and correct underlying medical conditions. Our team of dedicated professionals work together for every woman who wants to work with their body, not against it.

We strongly encourage our patients to use cycle charting to help understand their body and to apply our knowledge from the field of Restorative Reproductive Medicine (RRM) to optimize their reproductive health.

Foundational to our care is that we empower women to understand the uniqueness of their reproductive system

and hormonal health.

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We Serve Patients across Canada from Toronto to Vancouver

Our Team

Review, oversee and lead the investigation and management of each case. Provide diagnosis and clear direction for treatment unique to you.
Environmental Scientist

Reviews your individual exposure and potential areas of vulnerability in the increasing area concerns around environmental toxins and its affect on reproducitve health

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaches

Help  guide

patients to lead a healthier lifestyle, share their

nutrition knowledge, create a balanced and active lifestyle as well as strategize to  help patients address their dietary needs.

Team Liaison and Care Coordination (TLC) Coaches

Coordinate interventions and support patients as intensely as necessary to achieve their

goals of care


Support the clinic team as necessary with education and coordination

Medical Office

Assistants (MOA)

Organize appointments,

patient records, and clinic logistics


Intake process

Prospective patients can contact the clinic with any questions about services and to book an appointment.


When an appointment is booked, each patient receives a request for information form by email. This completed form will enable our clinic to request records related to your care from other providers to prevent repetition.


The first part of any intake is to meet with our clinician who does a compreshensive initial assessment to see if our clinic can address your needs.  Following your initial consultation a comprehensive assessment with our ASLN coach (for nutrition , lifestyle and sleep factors) as well as our TLC Coach for assessment of past medical history and screening for various women’s health concerns will follow.  Women who are already charting their cycles will share this information with the Coach at this time as well. These appointments are done over a secure video-conference set up at your convenience.


Together, these meetings can take up to 3 hours long. They can be completed on the same or separate days, according to patient preference. The process is comprehensive and we are committed to reducing duplication of history and screening questions. We use an electronic record and this information is available to all (and only) the team members involved in your care. If you would like to receive a copy of any part of your record, please just make that request of us and we will make available whatever you need.

Treatment program

The treatment program begins with an intensive year of identifying issues and opportunities and finding the right combination of treatment options and support services for each person.


Our model includes at least monthly contact (phone, email, text, according to patient preference) with the TLC Coach and up to weekly support from the ASLN Coaches during times of intense change.


Contact with Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaches is less frequent during maintenance phases when contact may not be required or desired.


Appointments with the Clinicians (Doctor or Nurse Practitioner) are at least every three months, and more often as required.


After the initial consultation, appointments with all providers are through a secure videoconference program which can be done from your own home or work and compliant with all the health security requirements for confidentiality.  We have an in person clinic for a physical assessment that is part of your year of treatment which you will meet with and be assessed by one of our clinicians.

Do to the increasing concerns raised from professional organizations and individuals about the exposure to environmental toxins and impacts in reproductive health we have an environmental scientist on board who does individual exposure assessments and identifies potential areas of vulnerabilities. These are based on recommendations from CDC and other experts which can help you reduce your risk that is tailored to you.


We draw on a wide range of pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic therapies, including non-prescription and compounded medication options and nutritional supplements, according to patients’ diagnoses and preferences.


We refer as necessary to other providers including surgeons, physicians, naturopaths, as well as

cycle charting educators.

What to Expect 

What does it cost?

Our government health system does not cover much of the care provided in RRM. For covered services we will bill the Medical Services Plan of BC (MSP – your provincial health coverage), but we need to charge for care that is in addition to services that areMSP-billable. The actual costs will vary, but will be reasonable and reflect the quality care and treatment provided.